My book Game Of Killers is on presale in a few days

Check it out here.

And please buy a copy!

9 thoughts on “My book Game Of Killers is on presale in a few days

  1. hi Charles,
    any plans for this book being released in paperback format
    im 73 years young and still like the feel of paper in my hands

  2. fantastic
    i will definitely be getting a hardcopy and will be looking forward to sequel
    thx so much for taking the time to reply
    there are still many readers such as me that have not gone the kindle route yet

  3. Hi Charles,
    another quick question
    Is game of killers your first book or is it a follow up to Spartan
    sorta confusing

  4. Charles,
    one more quick question and i will quit bugging you
    now that i know Spartan was first book- is there any chance that u could do a print for demand for it also- just asking
    thx for your time for replying- trust me i know it is limited

  5. Hi Charles,
    downloaded Spartan to my laptop- really good book- well developed
    plot and the Spartan is one kick ass character- im about 1/2 the way thru, but wanted to read before i got your next book which is why i am writing- i pr-ordered from amazon yesterday so you definitely have one sale from the usa- 500 + pages- wow i got some good serious reading in front of me

    now- ill ask a leading question- will we see more of the spartan and his friend in a potential third book
    thx for taking the time to reply to me Charles- i do appreciate and realize that you only have so many minutes in a day to converse with

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