11 life lessons I learned from Wolverine

A man may wear many faces Spy, samurai, superhero, soldier – Wolverine has been them all.
And he will wear many of them during his lifetime A man who has lived long enough as Wolverine has seen everything from world wars to the creation of the automobile. He knows that change is the one true constant in life.
Not everyone will understand you Only a few select people like Jean Grey will ever see beyond Wolverine’s wild exterior to the sensitive, heroic soul beneath.
There will be enemies From Sabretooth to anti-mutant prejudice, opposition comes in many forms.
But you don’t have to face it alone Find and cherish your own X-Men.
The true scars are beneath the skin Wolverine is a walking example of the Buddhist dictum that life is suffering. From teammates to lovers, he’s seen just about everyone he’s ever cared about die. But it is his ability to take the pain and keep going that arouses our admiration.
Conflict is inevitable Sometimes you have to extrude the metaphorical adamantium.
Your true superpower is ultimately very human – and everyone has it Wolverine’s ultimate superpower isn’t his mutant healing factor – it is his willpower.
It ain’t over until it’s over How often has Wolverine come from behind against the odds to triumph?
Never give up Wolverine once crawled out of no less than Hell itself. And as World War II leader Winston Churchill once said, “If you’re going through Hell, keep going.”
The real adventure is finding out who you are – and accepting yourself For a long time Wolverine’s memories were taken away. Now that he has them back, he shows that accepting yourself for who you are is the greatest challenge of them all.

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