Why Die Hard is the best Christmas movie ever

It takes place during a Christmas party in LA With the spirit of giving in full swing, Christmas trees everywhere, flirting under the mistletoe and cop John McClane’s estranged wife in the crowd.
Bruce Willis is here to bring peace and goodwill to all men By gunpoint if necessary.
The terrorists who take over the Nakatomi building are like the ultimate Christmas grinches And Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman) is like Scrooge. Only German.
But they’ve left presents under the Christmas tree Too bad it’s C4 explosive.
Bruce Willis gets into the Christmas spirit By putting on a Santa hat. And saying things like “now I have a machine gun … ho, ho, ho”.
He travels through the vent system Just like Santa Claus climbing down a chimney.
He says things like “yippie ka-yaa motherf***er” Love the one-liners.
The story is great “Twelve terrorists. One cop. The odds are against John McClane … that’s just the way he likes it.” Goosebumps, people. Goosebumps.
So are the action sequences Love that scene where Bruce Willis jumps off the roof just as it blows up. Iconic.
A yuppie gets killed He’s an asshole so no one objects too much.
Good triumphs over evil And Bruce discovers the importance of family.
The whole family can enjoy it Terrorists, gun fights, love, quotable quotes … there’s something for everyone.

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