Top 10 Game Of Thrones spin-offs we’d like to see

Dance Of The Dragons
This Targaryen civil war has it all … siblings fighting over the throne, heaps of exciting battles and yes, combat on dragonback. Imagine whole eps devoted to massive Battle Of The Bastards-style fights.

Rise Of The Faceless Men
Today they are the servants of the Many-Faced God, master assassins feared the world over. Yet once they were slaves who worked in the mines. How did they throw off their shackles to become the killers only mentioned in whispers? We’re imagining something like the Cylons overthrowing their human masters in Battlestar Galactica.

The Doom Of Valyria
Once upon a time Valyria was a prosperous and thriving culture, a hub of advanced knowledge and the maker of swords that can kill White Walkers. Then the Valyrian Freehold was destroyed during the Doom Of Valyria, a cataclysm of fire, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. We’re thinking last days of Pompeii here.

Robert’s Rebellion
This is the show most likely to get the green light; the war against the Mad King, set decades before the events of Game Of Thrones. There’s so much scope to this; Ned Stark and his sister, the Battle of the Trident, the Tower of Joy, and, of course, the epic finale … Jaime killing the Mad King and thus earning his title of Kingslayer.

Aegon The Conqueror
Or “how the Westeros was won”. The epic story of the first Targaryen king of Westeros, who forged a new empire out of fire and blood.

War For The Dawn
Winter has come before; thousands of years ago, the White Walkers tried to end all life in Westeros. This is the amazing story of how mankind first defeated their ancient foe.

The Brotherhood Without Banners
Now that the Hound has teamed up with the Brotherhood he’s made them cool again (we love the Hound: he has the best lines on the show). Plus they’re lead by a man who can come back from the dead just like Jon Snow. There’s a rollicking tale waiting to be told.

The Andals Cometh
Daenerys is always going on about being “Queen of the Andals” … along with more titles than you could safely write on a Starbucks cup. But who were these people who invaded Westeros thousands of years ago? Rich material awaits to be mined.

Birth Of The Night’s King
According to legend, the Night’s King was the 13th Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. Come discover the terrifying truth of how he became the undead scourge of Westeros.

The Final Days Of The Mad King
What of the last days before Jaime stuck a sword in his back? And what of the idea that Bran’s time-travelling meddling drove him mad in the first place? This could either be a single series in itself or the climax of the aforementioned Robert’s Rebellion.

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