Top 10 Things You’ll Find Aboard The Millennial Falcon

  1. Blasters without triggers.
  2. “Gender-fluid pit” (instead of cockpit).
  3. “Safe space” behind social media room.
  4. Unused voting forms.
  5. Steering wheel made from participation trophies.
  6. “Experiences, not things”.
  7. Millennials Of Mos Eisley Instagram page.
  8. Rejected home loan applications for first hoverport, millennials being priced out of the market by space boomers.
  9. Unanswered emails from older relatives who voted to “make the Empire great again”.
  10. Crushing sense of doom that previous generations have ruined the future and left the forces of evil in charge.

My ebook military thriller The Spartan is out now on Amazon.


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