How many more times do we need to see the Death Star being blown up?

One more time than seeing Darth Vader announce “Luke, I am your father”.
Two more times than watching a perfect sunset.
Three more times than the last-ever episode of Breaking Bad.
Four more times than exploring Machu Picchu.
Five more times than completing a flawless rendition of the drum solo on YYZ.
Six more times than seeing the “luminous” Cate Blanchett on stage in Hedda Gabler.
Seven more times than any critic from The New York Times says we should.
Eight more times than seeing Waterworld.
Nine more times than watching it get blown up in Episode IV.
Ten more times than any Rocky training montage.
Eleven more times than Keanu Reeves dodging bullets in The Matrix.
Twelve more times than trying to make “the perfect macaroon”.
Thirteen more times than seeing Frodo destroy “the One Ring”.
Fourteen more times than sending a pumpkin latte back at Starbucks.
Fifteen more times than watching it explode in Episode VI.
Sixteen more times than Hans Gruber falling off the roof of Nakatomi Plaza.
Seventeen more times than is appropriate for your age.
Eighteen more times than the scene in Clerks that talks about the number of innocent builders and contractors who surely died when the original Death Star was destroyed.
Nineteen more times than watching Spaceballs.
Twenty more times than watching Krull.
But it’s actually a trick question … there is NO upper limit to the number of times audiences want to see the Death Star being blown up.

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