What second-act life choices Atticus Finch could have made besides “arthritic racist”

Town crier
Leaf blower
Parking inspector
Cage fighter
Fan dancer
NASCAR driver
Life coach
Karaoke singer
Renaissance scholar
Eccentric, wisdom-dispensing hobo
Stand-up comedian
“The game”
Bible salesman
Tattoo artist
Local kook
Interpretive dancer
North Korean Times
Live tweeter
Full body masseuse
Q&A comment contributor (Australia only)
Poodle walker
Freelance iconoclast
Mad scientist’s assistant
Pinball wizard
Hairdresser to the stars
Balloon sculptor
Lego artiste
Barber-shop quartet
Cult member
Eurovision judge
Police informer
Gluten inspector
Jazz enthusiast
Binge watcher
Angry, self-funded documentarian
“The grift”
Vandelay Industries
Lottery winner
Civil War enthusiast
Brain surgeon
Policy wonk
Pilates instructor
Avocado/marijuana farmer
Test subject
Supreme Court Judge

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